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In the world of men's fashion the name Yohji Yamamoto is well known, in particular with reference to the Y-3 trainers popularised through the Adidas range. The Y-3 range of men's fashion launched in the late nineties, since when it has remained a hugely popular fashion brand. But as with so many popular and successful brands it has been copied by a great many people, hoping to imitate the style or the look, or even pass off their copies as fake.

Men's fashion is full of such examples, and for the unwitting customers it can be hard to know whether the item they're looking at is a bona fide example of the brand they're after or a copycat reproduction which will almost certainly be very substandard.

Y-3 trainers are known to be not only very comfortable but also made from the highest quality materials. The manufacture of Y-3 trainers requires great attention to detail, all of which is sadly lacking in the many cheap imitations available. A quick look through popular websites such as EBay reveals very clearly the massive market for men's fashion items such as Y-3 clothing and trainers, and with many of these prices at significantly lower prices than the originals are normally found, the offer seems too tempting to pass.

Unfortunately though for those people who feel they've got a bargain, what they have actually got is a knock off, cheap imitation which not only won't quite look right, but won't feel as comfortable, won't perform to the same standard, and most certainly won't last anywhere near as long. It can be very disappointing for people to realise that all they have received is a cheap, poor quality imitation, but how can you tell if the Y-3 trainers you're looking at on sale are the real thing? What are the clues you can use to determine whether you're looking at real Y-3 trainers or imitations that will fall apart very quickly?

Fortunately because of the very high quality of both the materials used by Adidas and Y-3 and the attention to detail and manufacturing, it is fairly easy to spot the difference, but of course like anything, it's easy when you know what you're looking for. Here are the top tips for spotting fake Y-3 trainers, and making sure that the products you buy are genuine men's fashion and not merely men's cheap imitations.

First of all, have a feel of the trainer, and smell it. Real trainers by Y-3 are made from leather, whereas most imitations are simply made from cheap plastic. You can tell straight away either by looking, feeling or smelling the trainers whether it's made from plastic or leather. If it's plastic, walk away. But if it's leather, take a look at the laces. With real Y-3 trainers you'll find you're supplied with a spare, which you won't with most imitations, and at the end of the laces you'll find three very carefully engraved holes. Most counterfeit trainers will not have these three holes, and so this is another clue.

Next, hold the trainer up and look at it from the back. Real Y-3 footwear is sleek, contoured and streamlined. Because most fake products are simply basic trainers with panels and logos added on this is a shape that's very hard to forge. If you can see that the trainer is made from leather, looks and feels like good quality, has the three engraved holes at the end of the laces, has a spare lace and has a streamlined look then you can be fairly confident that what you're looking at is a genuine example of Y-3 men's fashion. However, to be absolutely certain it's usually best to avoid buying such items as Y-3 trainers from sites like EBay, instead buying from a reputable retailer.

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Men's Fashion Advice - How To Spot Fake Y-3 Trainers

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Men's Fashion Advice - How To Spot Fake Y-3 Trainers

This article was published on 2011/08/25